Cheerfully decorated and thoughtfully furnished rooms that provide specialist care for each age group
Modern, age-appropriate toys, stimulating learning aids and equipment
Gardens with lots of outdoor play equipment - providing exciting and endless opportunities for self-directed play
Active parental involvement - we have an open-door policy for parents to ensure you are kept informed about all aspects of the nursery. We always welcome visits and regular contact with you and your family
Carefully selected staff who are thoroughly checked before appointment
Regular training for all staff
A 'Key Person' for your child who will help you keep in touch with all the activities of the nursery day and also provide your child with extra comfort, security and reassurance
Safe and secure building
Thoughtfully designed menus - we have a hearty and healthy approach to food

Weekly menus are displayed within Nurture in each of the classrooms.
The Nursery provides breakfast, lunch, fruit snacks and High Tea.
Parents of young babies on formula milk are requested to bring clearly labelled ready-prepared bottles each day.
Breast-feeding mums may bring expressed breast milk or may return throughout the day to feed their child.
All meals are prepared freshly on the premises and our menus are carefully planned to be varied and well balanced.
We offer a vegetarian alternative at every mealtime. If the menu proves unsuitable for your child, we are more than happy to discuss alternative choices for your child.

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